I had my first birthday on March 31, 1999.  We went to Crestwood Hills Park.  My friends who attended were Austin, Lena, Max, Jonah, Christopher, Elisabeth, Marko, Chana, Yosie, Nechama and Katie and some older people too!  Here are a bunch of great pictures form the party: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

We went to Cincinnati for Passover and I spent almost two weeks with my grandparents.  I started to walk just a few days after my birthday.

In April I discovered that I love the Teletubbies.  Just one look at the video my Mommy got me and I was hooked.  Now I want to watch tv all the time, just like my Daddy.  I go to the tv and start jumping and saying ta-ta, ta-ta (that's Teletubbies in baby-speak).  If my parents don't get the picture I take the remote control, or the box for the video cassette and bring it to them.  Sometimes they're a bit dense, my parents.

In August we went up to Mammoth Lakes and had a great time.  We went hiking and walking in town.  I rode in a backpack on my daddy's back.

In September I became a world traveller when I went to Europe for my uncle Ricky and aunt Jean's wedding.  You can see pictures from uncle Ricky's home page and from my grandma's home page.  Then we went to Vienna and I visited my great-grandfather's archives.

In October my grandparents came from Cincinnati just to visit me.  They just got a computer so Daddy has to keep adding pictures to the homepage so they can see me.  Here is an old one of me standing next to Mommy.  And another with a popsicle.  I like to sit in daddy's lap.

I had a little party with my friends Isaac and Aaron.  Isaac's brother Mason took pictures of the whole group with daddy's camera.  His favorite model was Aaron's sister Melissa.  Also his mom Lisa Spector, and his brother Isaac.  I like to read my books with my friends.

On Halloween, I went to a costume party with my neighbohood friends Elizabeth and Christopher Cheshire and Nikolas Dorhout-Mees.  I was dressed as a ballerina.  Here's another one of me with Niko.

I went to Niko's birthday party in February with the big dog Blue from Blue's Clues, and my Daddy took some nice pictures.  Then I went to Isaac's party and had fun with a clown, again all photographed.

In March I went to birthday parties for the twins Chris and Liz, and also for my older cousin Marko.  I also went to a Purim carneval at University Synagogue and then for Purim itself we went to Sinai Temple.

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