I was born on March 31, 1998 at 2:25 p.m.  I weighed 6 lbs, 5 oz. and measured 18 inches in length, which is not too bad for a little girl born 3 1/2 weeks early.

My Daddy has been taking pictures of me from day one.  He doesn't always get my good side.  Mommy is the real photographer but she's been too busy feeding me to take any pictures.  When I'm not crying, I like to sleep.  My grandmother Marlene has been helping my parents figure out how to treat me like I deserve to be treated.  My grandmother Barbara has already put some pictures of me on her home page.

Mommy thinks Daddy's early photos make my face look puffy.  My new photos show me as I really am.  Here's a close-up.  Sometimes I make funny faces.  But I also know how to laugh.  At night, I join my parents for a nice family dinner.  I like getting attention from my grandpa Howard and grandma Marlene.   I also enjoy working on my home page with Daddy.

I celebrated my first Passover with my grandparents Ron and Barbara, my parents, my uncle Ricky and aunt-to-be Jean.  They all helped me with the four questions.  My grandma made her famous pyramid cake.  I got to sit with my Mommy in my great-grandfather Arnold's chair.

I like spending time with my Mommy.  My Mommy likes to wrap me up before I get my bath.  I am happy that my great-grandmother Rose Mayers has been in town to visit me.

On April 19, we had a big party to introduce me to the world.  My big cousin Marko was there.  He's one year older than I am.

On April 26, I went to party and met some boys my age, including Aaron Shuman (6 days old).  My great-grandma Rose was there, as was my first cousin once removed, Stephanie Weisberger.  My dad took a picture of all the ladies.

In early May I went to Palm Springs with my parents and my grandma Marlene.  I weigh about 8 pounds now.

During the second weekend in May, my aunt Jenny came to see me and had a great time helping my parents take care of me.

I have big cheeks now.

At seven weeks I was already 9 lbs and 5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.  I went with my parents to Cincinnati and had a great time at my open house.  My parents tried to take a nice picture but I decided to fall asleep right then.  My Mom's childhood friend Jodi Dayan came with her one-year-old daughter Sivan.

At uncle Ricky's engagement party, cousin Marko and I had our pictures taken with the Moms and with the Dads.

In June I really came into my own and learned how to pose for pictures.  Here are one, two, three, four that are going into my portfolio.

I received so many nice emails after my Daddy sent out my email birth announcement.  You can send me an email too!

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