(and other people I know)

Gina Bauer (The Italian Peasant)

John Bauer (my body-building third cousin)

Matthias Calice (my old Austrian friend)

Alan Chapman (deejay)

Mark Foskey (mathematician)

Linda Haitani (Princeton Club of L.A. President)

Mimi Hiller (Cyber Kitchen)

Jan Karlin (Southwest Chamber Music Society)

Hanna Klaus (my cousin the ob-gyn/nun -- the Catholic Dr. Ruth -- director of the Teen STAR Program)

Dina Kravets (computer scientist)

Chris Lu (defender of the DNC slush fund and author of the Princeton Class of '88 Home Page)

Darrel Menthe (attorney/poet)

Mitch Newman (LA Phil violinist and fine tennis player)

Saul Perloff (Princeton friend, lawyer)

Dr. David Schechter (mind-body medicine practitioner and avid Princeton Tiger basketball fan)

Arnie Schoenberg's Super Sonic Samba School

Matthew Tepper (classical music afficionado and web nerd)

Jeremy Toback (rock star)

Rick Tyler (computer geek)

Webeasy (by my friends David Romero, Mike and Ari Amster)

Mahboud Zabetian (expert on lemon laws)

Randy's Home